Best Punching Bag Stand for Heavy Bags

As any professional trainer will tell you, one of the most important benefits of a successful workout program is creating stability and strength to the inner center core of the individual. By strengthening this physical center core the individual will have greater stability and will experience fewer injuries.

Just as strengthening the physical center core of the individual in training is necessary, it is equally essential to have the strength of the center core of your training equipment at its maximum in order to promote stability. Safety is paramount in choosing the Punching Bag Stand for your punching bags.

Whether you are seeking Punching Bag Stands to support your own one or two bags, or you have an exercise center that requires Punching Bag Stands to support multiple bags; there are a number of choices in the market.

When choosing all Punching Bag Stands though the criteria is the same.

It is essential that they have the strength and durability of heavy gage steel construction to handle not only the weight of the bag being used, but also the punishment that the bag will be enduring which in turn will translate to the stability and strength of the stand.

And the safety and durability of the mounting hardware is of utmost importance. It is necessary to prevent injuries from a bag that disconnects and becomes a weapon due to weak hardware.

If mounting the Punching Bag Stand to the floor or the wall is NOT an option, then you need to consider the Free Standing Bags that have water or sand filled bases. They have the ease of mobility and will avoid shoring up the wall and or floor to handle the stress of mounting a conventional stand.

If you are a serious punching bag enthusiast and do not have an issue with specializing an area to handle your equipment, then you have a number of choices.

The most space efficient stand would be the Heavy Bag Stand that has a Speed Bag Platform on the opposing side. This stand is mounted solely to the floor and allows the individual to practice his agility and speed with the hanging Speed Bag, or kicking and punching target moves with the Heavy Bag.

If you are hanging multiple bags, then depending on the number of bags choose one that will be securely mounted in order to withstand multiple users simultaneously using the bags.

There are also the wall mounted speed bag platform stands. The price range varies widely depending on the type of stand you require. Remember first and foremost safety and stability and durability is key.

Best Punching Bag for Kids

What do swing sets, slides, monkey bars, mini rock walls and rope ladders have in common?

They are the equipment for entertainment and exercise every couple feels is a given when they go from a twosome to a family.

All the above mentioned equipment is great for fun and fitness and would be a good start for your backyard. We are here to tell you that the backyard that will be the one that all the kids want to come to has one more piece for fun and form.

The Kids Punching Bag is the newest addition that parents should consider for their children’s health and fitness.

When choosing a punching bag for your children, you need to look for some very important points.

For younger children you need to purchase a soft punching bag. Adult punching bags do not have as much give to their strike surface, but in a child’s bag is essential that the striking surface is softer due to the fact that their bones are maturing.

The key is to find a fitness and kid friendly punching bag and exercise routine to build and strengthen, so as not to cause injury.

First and foremost the need for safety is paramount.

If you make the decision to purchase a punching bag that you can suspend from the ceiling then look for a bag that has plastisol coated chains. The plastisol coating will create a longer life for the heavy duty chains that carry the weight and stress of the bag. They will also protect the user should the bag for any reason detach from its support.

If you choose a sand or water base weighted bag, make sure that you make it size and weight appropriate to handle the striking impact.

Secondly, make sure that you supervise and give proper instruction in how to use the equipment in order to prevent accidents and injuries. These are for fun, but used improperly they can also cause damage to the user and to those around them.

Punching bags for children vary from the balloon top bag attached to a spring pole for more of a boxing technique, to the weighted base kicking and punching bags, and lastly to the suspended hanging bags. Their prices range from the mid $50’s to the $160’s depending on the type of bag. Choose wisely and your children and you will gain hours of fun and see great results in strength and fitness.

Best Inflatable Punching Bag

What does the childhood Weeble and a Punching Bag have in common?

Before you make the erroneous decision that I have had “one too many punches” from a wildly swinging bag, hear me out.

The Inflatable Punching Tower is the adult version of the Weeble. This punching tower wobbles over but will not fall down. It has a rebound motion that will help build endurance and will work on your flexibility and agility.

Its Weeble-like rocking back and forth motion will put your reflex movements to the test. It will also improve your targeting accuracy in pinpointing the specific points of impact.

One of the unique features of the Inflatable Punching Bag is that is can be fun for the entire family.

  • The kids will enjoy the bounce back ability of the tower, and it will provide hours of fun that is actually healthy, muscle-building exercise.
  • Mom will enjoy the stress relief, and the softer surface punching impact along with the calorie burning capabilities will be an added plus to her de-stressing workout.
  • And, last but not least, Dad will enjoy the ability to perfect his punching and kicking on a rebounding target. There will no need for him to wear gloves or wrist supports due to the lightweight construction of the Inflatable Punching Bag, but they can be used if so desired.

Plus, the added plus of easy mobility makes the Inflatable Punching Bag a must for the family who may want to exercise together in the family room – or they may choose to exercise separately in their individual bedrooms.

Between use, the Inflatable Punching Bag can be stored compactly by folding it flat and sliding it under a bed, for hidden storage.

When ready to use you can quickly inflate the punching bag by utilizing the foot pump and filling the anti-leak base with tap water for stability. Fast, easy, effective and ready to use in just five to ten minutes from start to finish.

If everything about this amazing portable punching bag has not already prompted you to go and purchase it right this minute; there is one more feature that will knock you out.

The Inflatable Punching Bag prices out at under $50. Fun, fast, family oriented and for such a low purchase price. The only person we would discourage from using this particular bag is the serious kick boxer or martial arts student.

Best Freestanding Punching Bags

Are you looking for a quality Free Standing Punching Bag at an affordable price?

Do you want to read expert reviews of bags and their views of Everlast punching bags compared to others?

Are you looking for an effective punching bag workout? Is it for MMA training, muay thai or other martial arts training?

Over the years I have trained with many bags and want to share my experiences here in this free resource.

As well as using a range of gym training equipment for general fitness and stamina I use heavy bags for martial arts and mma training. It’s incredible how your stamina can improve if you use the correct bag and for me there’s no better way to train.

The fitness industry seems to offer new technology (often fads!) constantly and while this brings some benefits I believe it can distract us from some of the tried and tested training methods which have been around for years.

We all have images of a boxer like the classic Rocky powering punches into a heavy bag and there is very much a place for this today in my mind. For what is a very simple piece of equipment the benefits it delivers are incredible.

Free Standing Punching Bag Benefits

There are many great benefits of training with a free standing punching bag including -

  • Improved aerobic fitness. It’s not just about punching, by moving around the bag you will use all muscle groups and get a great all body workout.
  • Enhanced power. Shoulders, arms, back and leg muscles are all developed and these combine to give you substantial improvements in your overall body power.
  • Improved core stability and general balance. We don’t just stand still and smack! Moving around, shifting your weight and developing combinations of strikes and punches all develop your balance and stability.
  • Improved striking and boxing technique. This may seem obvious … but there’s a lot of basics which you need to focus on and this will help.
  • Improved body shape. I personally have found no better way to strip away body fat and improve definition.
  • Decreased stress! You really won’t believe how much until you try! There’s no better way to take out your aggression.
  • Improved martial arts techniques and abilities. This is something I’ve only learnt recently from a muay thai expert friend. A perfect way to practise and refine techniques without a training partner.

Best of all, working out with a freestanding punching bag is a very low cost activity requiring minimal effort … and it can be done on your own!

I have my bag set up in the garage and try to spend at least half an hour a day using it. The benefits of this simple training regime are incredible and I have lost weight, improved my fitness and stamina to levels of ten years ago and built muscle beyond my expectations.

Free standing punching bags for weight loss is an area I will explore in much greater detail in this blog.

​Of course you will also need some wraps and a good pair of gloves but you can buy a free standing punching bag for prices which will shock you making this form of training accessible to all.

Workout Routines for Free Standing Punching Bags

Free standing punching bag workouts are one of the best and most flexible possible. They can be adapted to suit your own fitness levels, goals and needs and offer a total body workout.

One of the main advantages of a free standing punching bag is that you need little space to use it and store it. I have mine in a small home gym which is part of my garage.

To get a good boxing workout you need space to move around the bag – boxers rarely stand still! – but this can be done easily in quite a tight space. After a session I simply roll my punching bag up to the wall and continue with the rest of my workout.

Free Standing Punching Bag Routine

There are many options for training with a free standing punching bag and they can be adapted for martial arts training or general fitness training. When not in the dojang I have many friends who use a free standing bag to train at home.

I like to combine the obvious punching and striking routines with other high impact aerobic training and this can include -

  • Press Ups
  • Jumping Jacks or Star Jumps
  • Sit Ups
  • Mountain Climbers

As always, correct technique is essential to avoid injury. You can of course add in some free weights to the workout but I suggest lower weights for higher repetitions in this type of exercise. We aren’t out to build muscle mass.

Free Standing Punching Bag Boxing Workout

For a good boxing workout you need to consider correct technique with a free standing punching bag as well as the intensity of training.

You also need to think about boxing training gloves if you are going to be punching with power. Yes we want to toughen up the skin of the hands but not to pound them to raw meat!

When performing a punching bag workout, start with your stance at arms length to the bag. Keep your knees bent, elbows touching the rib cage on the balls of your feet with hands at face level.

If right handed, the jab is thrown with the left hand, the cross is thrown with the right hand, and the left foot should be pointed at the bag. The opposite is true for left handed boxers.

Movement is key to realistic training with a free standing punching bag. By that I mean moving the head as if to avoid counter punches but also moving your feet around, into and away from the target.

The most important thing to have if you are a martial arts or boxing practitioner is a punching bag to perfect your punching and kicking skills.

It is a fact that we live in a very mobile society in this day and time, and that people change jobs frequently which at times causes them to move from place to place often.

Also, with incredibly busier lives that reduces their expendable time, they need convenience and portability.

With this in mind, and if you are like me (not much into the home makeovers, or drilling anchoring holes into the walls of my home) then you will like my suggestion that purchasing a Free Standing Punching Bag will provide you with everything you need for your busy, mobile lifestyle.

If you are a kickboxer or student of Tae kwondo, then a free standing punching bag will be a good fit for you. The foam target area on the free standing punching bag starts closer to the ground than the normal punching bags do.

If the Wavemaster brand of free standing punching bags is your preference then ease of movement will be part of the package. The Wavemaster will easily roll it and works well if you have limited space.


It is recommended that you weight your Free Standing Punching Bag by filling it with water or sand to provide a stable base. The use of water is the more ideal choice because it helps create a wave-motion. Free standing bags do need to be replaced more frequently, and can be damaged more easily if used improperly. Also due to the nature of its construction, it is not conducive to seriously hard impact strikes.

The Free Standing Punching Bag would be the recommended choice for the beginner martial arts student who is no into high impact kicks as of yet. This particular bag would also be for someone that is wanting to develop a moderate kicking and punching workout routine to tone their muscles, or to enhance their cardiovascular workout. So whether you are the beginning kick boxing martial arts seeker, or the average Joe wanting a great workout to relieve stress and build muscle tone – then the Free Standing Punching Bag is the ticket for you. With a price range from the upper $100’s to the upper $200’s this is affordable and easy to handle.

Best Punching Bags (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Since the beginning of written military history punching bags have been used for training soldiers in the art of combat. Asian martial arts used padded training equipment similar to punching bags called the Chinese mook jong (called the wooden dummy for training blocking moves) and the Okinawan makiwara.

Punching bags have also become popular over the last century for exercise and stress relief, and to increase the physical core strength and aerobic fitness of the individual enthusiast.

We want this resource to not only educate the novice on how a punching bag can be a great addition to their exercise regimen; but also give the seasoned user a place to locate what they need to add to their equipment room in order to complete their circuit training.

This article will educate you on the different choices that will fit your personal needs from the Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag for the whole family to have fun – to the Punching Bag Stand used for multiple person training centers. From the Speed Bag to improve your lightening agility – to the Heavy Punching Bag to improve your punishing power.

Punching bags are durable bags constructed to withstand the test of time when it comes to repeated punishing blows.

For martial arts training such as Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai – standing bags and heavy bags are necessary in order to improve kicking techniques and other striking maneuvers along with the traditional punching attributed to boxing (or pugilism as it is also known).

There are a variety of different materials used to fill a punching bag to include sand, grains, rags, and cloths. There are also the bags that are constructed with an internal bladder filled with water or air like the Inflatable Punching Bag.

Most punching bags are generally hung on mounted hardware affixed to either the ceiling, wall or floor. There are also Free Standing Punching Bags that are more mobile and less invasive to your home.

Punching bags are designed with custom stitching, testing and durability in order to allow repeated and constant abuse without splitting, cracking, or shattering. But the most important design to seek in a punching bag – that it is stabilized enough to withstand a blow, without harming the user.

Using improper technique can and will eventually cause injury, learn proper technique to avoid this happening. So sit back and explore our site to help you make your Punching Bag decision.

Choosing a Punching Bag: Heavy bags vs standing bags

Also popularly known as the Wavemasters, standing bags are ideal for drills that require both kicking and punching. This is because the foam padding on a standing bag is closer to the ground and provides more strikcing surface area.

Standing bags also have wide rounded bases built for stability when undergoing impact. One side benefit is that it can be rolled away and stored easily, thus saving space.

Standing bags have the option of either filling it with water or sand. Because the motion of the water when struck provides valuable energy feedback, it is a more popular choice.

On the other hand, sand will provide a thicker and rock-like feel and is good for strength and impact training. It'll also be heavier than if filled with water.

Hanging bags are heavy bags that require a wall mount or a hangar to suspend it. They are extremely durable and is good for developing cadiovascular strength and stamina.

The natual swaying motion of a hanging bag also provides some form of training for coordination and footwork.


Heavier bags result in swaying in a much lesser degree. Too much swaying means the bag will be swinging a lot, making it hard to hit. With too little swaying, the bag will absorb very little impact and this may cause some injury to the boxer's muscles and bones and bones.

Installing a Punching Bag

1. Provide enough space for maneuvering and measure the area where the bag will be installed. Mark the spot for drilling a hole.

2. Start by drilling a hole into the ceiling, hanging beam or door frame. A bag can be hung on any fixed fixture that is stable enough to hold its weight for the long term. (e.g. chin up bar)

3. Screw an eyebolt into the hole using an electric screwdriver if available. Eyebolts are commonly available in hardware stores. For safety and stability reasons, choose eyebolts that have longer shafts and make sure that they are screwed in tightly in the hole.

4. Attach each of the chains atop the punching bag to an "S"-shaped hook. Most bags come with four chains or swivels.

5. Wrap each "S" hook with duct tape to secure each of the punching bag's chains.

6. Link the bottom end of another "S" hook onto the hanging hook of the punching bag. Secure this connection with duct tape.

7. Attach the top end of the same "S" hook onto the eyebolt in the drilled hole.